Easy booking software for your B&B or guesthouse

Keep your business running smoothly by letting KeepMeBooked automate the time-consuming,
repetitive, boring stuff. And take online bookings.

  Here's How:

  • Take online bookings: just add a single line to any webpage to display a mini calendar which guests can use to check availability and book online. No more emailing to-and-fro just to get one booking.

  • Stay in control: see your availability at-a-glance. Move and edit bookings with ease.

  • Automate the dull stuff: confirmation emails, reminder emails, thanks-for-staying emails can all be customised and sent automatically (and will appear to come from your email address).

  • Keep it simple: no complicated software to learn. Nothing to install on your computer. If you can use email you can use KeepMeBooked.

  • Your data safe: data stored securely on multiple servers, backed up offsite every night.

  • Multi-lingual: take online bookings in guest's local language, and send confirmation and other emails in their language too.

  • Sync with online travel agents: our Pro account lets you automatically update online travel agents like Booking.com and Laterooms, so you don't have to manually update their extranets.

  • Calculate prices automatically: set up single occupancy discounts, promo codes, length of stay discounts, extra item charges, weekend supplements, and almost any other pricing method to instantly calculate the correct price for any booking.

  • Keep your accountant happy: revenue reports, occupancy reports, accounts receivable reports and more. All available at the click of a button.

  • Work from the beach (or while cleaning the bathrooms): Our iPhone app lets you check availability, add and edit bookings, and touch-to-call a guest.

  7 Ways KeepMeBooked can help you:

  • Automate email confirmations, payment acknowledgements, payment reminders and follow up emails

  • Take online bookings: let guests book from wherever, and whenever, they want, without tying up your time answering the phone, and replying to countless emails.

  • Send professional marketing emails to your existing guests: use our MailChimp integration to send emails to guests who have stayed with you before, based on when they stayed, how long for, and even which room they stayed in.

  • See how you are doing: instantly report on this month's performance, or pull up a list of who still needs to pay their bill.

  • Update AirBnB, Booking.com, Laterooms and many more online booking agents automatically. No more manual updates on all those different extranets.

  • Use promo codes to give discounts to your favoured guests, and to track marketing campaigns

  • Use our iPhone app to manage bookings and contact guests while out-and-about

  • Upsell extras like champagne-on-arrival
    or spa packages

  B&B owners love KeepMeBooked:

  • brindleys

    "We wanted a straightforward, logical, robust and reliable system that had the scope to develop with us over time. What we equally knew was that we did not want an over-developed system with loads of bells and whistles we would never use and we found plenty of these when we did our research. We find KMB very intuitive to use and it has a natural logical flow to it which makes it a pleasure to use. We make good use of the reporting and data analysis tools which we struggled to find in any comparative system. It really is a very good system!"

    Brindley's Boutique B&B, Bath, UK

  • bienvenido

    "This has got to be one of the best software products out there. It's simple, neat in design, practical and extremely easy to use by our non technically savvy staff (took a couple of hours the get them up & running); KeepMeBooked does the job done 100% for our 15 room sailing club and hotel, and it does it without leaving any of our basic requirements aside."

    Club de Vela Santa Maria, Valle de Bravo, Mexico

  • pico do refugio

    "Clean looks. Super easy to install and use. Generates a very simple code to smoothly enable the calendar on your own website. Since it's web based, it's great to share with co-workers and to acess it when you're on the run, anywhere. Best of all: great costumer care! Many features have been promptly tailored to my needs."

    Pico do Refúgio, São Miguel, Azore Islands

  KeepMeBooked is easy to use
  and easy on the eye:


  Everything about each booking
clearly on one screen


  Edit prices and other room
details quickly and easily


  View your bookings and
availability at-a-glance.
Hover over a booking for details.
Drag-and-drop to edit.

Need the detail? Here's the full feature list:  

Room details

  • Price per room or per person
  • Price per night or per week
  • Charge for extra people, or fewer people, in the room (occupancy based pricing)
  • Vary price by day of week, or time of year / season
  • Set length-of-stay discounts
  • Set promo codes to offer (and track) promotional discounts
  • Set early-bird / last minute discounts
  • Charge for extras like champagne on arrival, excursions, etc.
  • Price extras per person or per room, and per night or per week or per booking, or just per item
  • Customise sales tax / VAT
  • Specify whether some extras, all extras, or no extras attract sales tax/VAT
  • Set min stays by room, day of week and season
  • Sell the same room in different configurations (single, double, twin, triple, etc.) and charge accordingly
  • Upload photos of rooms and extras


  • All booking information visible at-a-glance on one screen
  • Apply a custom rate to a booking
  • Add or remove extras on a booking
  • Add one-time adjustments or discounts
  • Record notes about the booking
  • Use tags, to record the source or type or any other feature of the booking
  • Record when a guest checks in, and when they check out
  • Record payments
  • Optionally send email acknowledgement of each payment
  • Add multiple bookings for one guest, and view their booking history

Viewing availability

  • Two-week scrolling view shows all availability at-a-glance
  • See who is checked in, who has yet to check out
  • See who has paid up, and who still owes money
  • Hover over a booking to see details, or click to open and edit the booking
  • Full drag-and-drop support: create and move bookings without leaving the calendar screen

iPhone/iPad/Mobile access

  • iPhone app lets you check availability, and create/view/edit bookings all from your iPhone or iPad
  • Other mobile devices can use a mobile version of the app, optimised for smaller screens and slower connections

Online bookings

  • Add one line to any webpage to embed a booking widget
  • Guests can use the widget to check availability and book online
  • Booking widget fully customisable to match the look and feel of your website
  • Use the widget in several different pages / websites at once (and track which bookings have come from which widgets)
  • Show widget in any language (English, French, German, Italian & Spanish available now, others on request)
  • Widget can be configured to show all rooms, or just some rooms (e.g. Use one widget for B&B rooms, and another for your rental apartments)
  • Take payment online (using your choice of payment gateway)
  • Sell extras online, and make some extras compulsory (for cleaning fees, security deposits, etc.)

Automate boring tasks

  • One-click email of booking confirmations
  • Generate invoices in PDF format for printing or emailing
  • Automatically send payment acknowledgement emails
  • Automatically send balance payment reminders a certain number of days before arrival
  • Make the tea*
  • Automatically send follow-up/'thanks for staying' emails
  • Automatically send emails in guest's own language (English, French, German, Italian & Spanish available now, others on request)
  • Automatically update AirBnB, Google calendar, or any other calendar that supports the iCal format.
  • Automatically update online travel agents like Booking.com, Expedia and Laterooms (requires Pro account and separate SiteMinder account)
  • Sync your guest database with a MailChimp mailing list

Guest database

  • Each guest stored in guest database, with their contact details and booking history
  • Search for guests by name or any part of their address
  • Record notes about each guest
  • Export all guest details to a spreadsheet
  • Sync guest database with a MailChimp mailing list


  • Show revenue by room and by day / week / month
  • Show occupancy by room and by day / week / month
  • Report on accounts receivable/payments due/balances outstanding
  • Report on payments made
  • Print a batch of invoices all at once
  • Export all your booking and guest info to a spreadsheet


  • Sync your KeepMeBooked guest database with a MailChimp mailing list
  • Sync availability with AirBnB, Google Calendar, or any other calendar which supports the iCal format
  • Sync your rates and availability with online travel agents like Booking.com, Laterooms, Expedia, etc. (Pro only, and requires separate SiteMinder Channel Manager account)

Data security / backups

  • Access KeepMeBooked from any web-connected computer or smartphone
  • Data copied to two database servers simultaneously
  • Servers run RAID-10 arrays, so data is held on multiple hard disks within each server
  • Further offsite backups taken every night. Automatic alert if backup fails for any reason.
  • Servers monitored constantly from 64 separate locations around the world
  • Diesel-powered backup generators provide power in event of a power failure
  • Key fob-controlled access
  • Automated fire suppression
  • Passwords stored in encrypted form on our servers

* We're only kidding about making the tea, sorry. ;-)

Try KeepMeBooked for yourself:

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Try it now.

KeepMeBooked is web-based software. Nothing to install, nothing to download. Just login from any web browser.

Best regards, signature Bruce Greig Founder & Managing Director

P.S. If you don't try taking online bookings, you'll never know how many bookings you are missing
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P.P.S. Just imagine what you can do with all the time you'll save not having to answer dozens of
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